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August 26 2009
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Sean McCarthy
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Fixing computers remotely...
To click or double click...
10 computer tips
Featured Article - Keeping your pc purring like a kitten
Fixing computers remotely
Remote computer repairMany people are surprised when they find out what I do for a living.

They're not surprised that I fix computers, what they find surprising is how I fix them.

Back in the old days, fixing computers usually meant an onsite visit. Someone would e-mail or call me with a computer problem and I would do what I could to help over the phone. If I were unable to resolve the issue that way, then I would break out my appointment book and set up a visit.

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To click or double click...
To click or double click
One of the most basic moves one needs to master in order to get anything done on a PC is "the click."

Sounds simple and obvious, doesn't it? Well, it is, but as many new computer users are finding, it's not necessarily simple.

There are a few serious issues that need to be kept in mind in order to master that one basic action.

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10 computer tips everyone should know
Top 10 computer tips
  1. Use anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date
  2. Back up your computer data regularly
  3. Get a can of compressed air and blow out all your fans and power supply every now and again
  4. Download and install an alternative browser like Firefox or Google Chrome
  5. Purchase and use an UPS (uninteruptable power supply) for your computer
  6. Never mess with the registry without backing it up first
  7. Do not let a lot of programs load up when you start your computer
  8. If you are on dial-up, bite the bullet and switch to broadband (cable or DSL)
  9. Keep track of the software disks you receive with your computer and new devices
  10. Look through the End User License Agreement (EULA) before clicking the accept button when installing "free" software
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Sean McCarthy
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Featured Article
Keep your PC purring like a kitten
Keep your PC purring like a kitten

I am often asked what steps one can take on a regular basis to keep their system up and running. Many are surprised to find out that the typical PC will degrade over time and eventually get to the point where it's difficult to operate.

I don't know if people just assume that their machine is like a VCR or a TV that works the same way over and over again, never really changing, but the fact of the matter is the PC is more like a car; it requires periodic preventative maintenance just to keep things going. Neglect to change the oil in your car, put off filling it with gas or forget to rotate the tires, and you will soon find yourself going no where. It's the same with computers: neglect the basic preventative maintenance steps and soon you will find yourself with a sick or barely operable machine.

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